Winter Cycling Clothing Guide


Winter Cycling Clothing Guide


No matter what the weather, Pearl Izumi has clothing designed for all conditions. Utilizing state of the art fabric technology and spot-on fit, Pearl Izumi’s winter clothing collection will be your go-to gear for the Old Man Winter Rally!

Cool Weather (50 – 65 degrees)

Cool Weather conditions can be some of the hardest to dress for, since you’ll need to tread the fine line between underdressing and overheating, especially if you’re working hard. Choose easy to adjust layers with lightweight wind protection, and cover your knees.

cool mens

cool women






Cold Weather (30 – 49 degrees)

Cold conditions require more insulation to retain body heat. Choose thermal layers that allow for adjustable wind protection or ventilation, and pay special attention to hands and feet to avoid numbness.

cold men

cold women



Colder/Coldest (below 30 degrees)

Colder/Coldest conditions call for tights and jackets that provide all over protection. Choose layers that balance wind protection, insulation and ventilation, so you can stay covered up even when you’re working hard. Cover your ears and feet. Add a neck gaiter to keep your neck warm and help your shoulders relax.





Remember, layering is always the key, and it’s better to shed layers than not have enough! When you’re prepared for the elements, you can almost always be comfortable out on the bike and enjoy the ride.

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