Old Man Winter Rally long course riders: would you like to see the Rowena Trail on the route for 2019?
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TRAINING CLINICS:We have two cycling and one running clinic designed to help you ROCK the Old Man Winter Rally. At each one, we’ll get in some training, then get expert tips back at one of our sponsor’s stores while we drink free Oskar Blues beer and eat CLIF bars!

PEARL IZUMI WINTER CYCLING CLOTHING GUIDE: No matter what weather Old Man Winter sends our way – you’ll be ready!

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TRAINING PLANS: We’ve worked with the experts at FasCat Coaching to develop some effective 6-week training plans for both the ride and run.



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COURSE CONSIDERATIONS We designed the course to keep your body temperature fairly constant. Of course, on the Long Course you will have to prepare for a cold descent, but then you’ll heat up when you climb again. We will also have plenty of food and hot drinks at multiple rest stops, so this will help.

CLOTHING Your clothes must be able to regulate your temperature and keep you dry. Gloves, headwear, and shoe covers are extremely important. If temps are under 55 degrees, tights or legwarmers are highly recommended. Since we have your food covered, use the space in your jersey pockets to bring extra clothes – just in case.

BIKE You will likely see everything from a straight up road bike to a fat bike. Due to the nature of the course containing gravel (and trail if you choose the Long Course), we recommend tires at least 32mm(1 1/4″). Knobby tread will help with traction and slick treads could be dangerous depending on the course conditions. We predict cyclocross bikes and XC hardtails will be the best bet…although you’ll definitely get the most smiles and high fives on a fat bike.

ESSENTIALS You will be expected to be self-sufficient when it comes to any unexpected bike repairs. All riders should carry a tube(s), pump/CO2, multi-tool, and chain tool. We will have sweep vehicles following riders with a bike technician and some supplies, however it might take them some time to catch up to you so this should be your last resort. You’ll also want to bring a bike lock!

Tire Choices

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